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byBrogram, February 25, 2013
If you are just a beginner or an experienced web developer you will find this tool more than useful, sometimes irrelevant.

Glad to see it available for new Joomla versions!
byBrogram, December 2, 2012
Simple File Upload
This extension is a very powerful tools with 99,99% of options you can need when you upload some files to your server, and I heard that there are some new, very interesting, options coming in new releases.

In few minutes was able to make it work, and in a less then an hour integrated it in independent submission form - something that if you are a professional developer is a MUST.

Just have one thing on mind, there are few jQuery library loading options, and for sure one of them will feet your needs, don't hesitate!

Beside that, there is something that I really appreciate from extensions developers, the support. And I can tell you that Anders is a very resolutive and friendly developer, I recommend you to contact him, at least, to tell him "Thanks!", he will appreciate it. :)

Thumbs up!
byBrogram, May 3, 2012
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Asynchronous Google Analytics
If in few minutes google doesn't tell you he IS tracking the code, remove advanced params and try again.