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byBruceNZ, July 17, 2009
Oh Well as the saying goes "if it's free" you can guarantee headaches.
Headache to install, missing folders/missing images...dead links..blah blah.
Lets get real, You need to be more than a average computer user to get this thing to work.
Clost Expert FTP knowledge and php.
Spent hours on this so far...and trying to find support answers is a joke.
Otherwise if all is promised would be a fantastic product.

Joomla is a fantastic product...but damn slow at loading and hard on servers as my host tells me...not change much at all since last version..a pity.
Owner's reply

Strange comment,
Lot of users get easy support on the forum. Did you post a least a message on the forum ? did you send us an email ?

In a lot of case, the issue comes from the server used not from the component which is working great on 90% of the server.

Folders/Images missing this is typically a bad setting of files permissions of your server.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help to debug your server