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byBryanCD, October 12, 2012
I've used Chronoform the second time around in 2 years. I've paid and validates the component (++plugins) the second time I used it because I know that they have dedicated their time in developing this useful component without any fee at all.

I didn't have any bad experience the first time I used it besides it's free so there's nothing to lose trying it and it worked perfect. But that was on Joomla 1.5 so when I created a site with 2.5 two weeks ago I was pretty confident that it'll work perfect. I validated my license so that I can install the Paypal plugin that I needed to finish my reservations form, unfortunately, it didn't work this time. I contact the support and initially Max was a great help on checking things out. Constant communication but after 2 days of emailing (I even gave him an access to the site so that he can check it personally), support stopped contacting me for some reasons.

I had a deadline to finish the project and the reservations form didn't work. I can't find any other component that is good as Chronoform so I just didn't include the reservations form and left my client dissapointed.

I am still hoping to use Chronoform but will be hesitant every now and them. I know that this is a very good component but for some reasons, it failed me this time.