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byBryanM, April 15, 2011
Phoca Gallery
The gallery in and of it's self is average and what you would expect. However the Native1.6 version is not exactly native. It has no support for the new Group access restrictions which are in great demand o a Photo Gallery yet I am still on a quest to find a good non-comercial gallery that supports these features. With this you have to go in and individually assign rights to each user. It's painful, slow and not effective when you have several hundred users. Once the administration and security is cleaned up and it's fully 1.6 then it may be a contender.
Owner's reply


sorry, I don't understand your review? Did you use Phoca Gallery or other extension?

Phoca Gallery 3 is written for Joomla! 1.6 and it is a native Joomla! 1.6 component (Phoca Gallery 2 is 1.5 component) Both are different extensions because of different systems they are written for.

Phoca Gallery 3 supports:

- ACL for the backend - you can set rights for the backend (administration) actions - fully native, completely rewritten for 1.6, the same behaviour like all other native core extensions in 1.6 - just see options to manage permissions.

- ACL for frontend, there is access right for Joomla! groups and such rights system is extended for individual users. This is a feature. Mostly, a category belongs to one user, so you can set rights for individual users (like deleting, publishing, uploading).

Please visit Phoca Forum and write some detailed information about "Once the administration and security is cleaned up and it's fully 1.6" ... in other case it seems like your review is a fake review - no concrete issue, wrong and confusing information. :-(

Thank you for understanding. Will be great to get more ideas and tips for improving this extension.