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Easy Profile
I'm using Pro version of this extension and I had some issue with my website that are out of their support reach and they didn't have to help me but they helped me resolving that issues and worked on that for the whole weekend.

Easy profile is likely to become the best extended profile extension for not just joomla, than for all CMS platforms.

Also this extension integrates with many other extensions and it have bright future for future implementations and features.

5+ from me!
byBuda9, November 22, 2013
K2 is not offering anything special that joomla 3 articles doesn't already have.

And not to mention how difficult is to move K2 items back to joomla articles.

They didn't put anthing new in K2 since... wait a minute, never?

K2 is the past, don't waste time with it, 2 years with K2 was enough. If you don't want to use joomla articles use any other extension but not this granny extension.
Owner's reply

This is K2. You either love it or hate it :)

In both cases there's a lot of passion hidden in the background. I'm not gonna go all Sigmund Freud here, but the fact that you don't bother to provide a few valid points as to why K2 doesn't work for you and you're just being vague, I can only guess that you're one of those people who demand features for K2, which are only to be applied by those few people asking them. Sorry if we didn't put one of the features you asked in K2 and that made you angry, but thankfully, most K2 users don't see it this way. Most K2 users understand what open source is. They know it takes time, effort and money to build. Lots of all three.

And to wrap it up: K2 is the only Joomla! extension supported by all professional template clubs and that speaks for itself.

byBuda9, November 1, 2013
DB Replacer
This extension is lifesaver. You can replate anything on your website in just one click. I had some characters many of my articles and I replaced them with just one click. Amazing
byBuda9, June 2, 2013
Community Polls
Biggest sites in the world wouldn't be shy of this extension. It's so rich and powerful, unbelievable. 5++
byBuda9, March 10, 2013
Akeeba Backup
This is a really great extension. It backup your whole website including mysql and you can import it anywhere on the web. Five stars!
byBuda9, December 6, 2012
Add FullAjax
Easy to install, super easy to use and it makes your site ultra fast. Now I just have to learn this manual configuration for sidebar modules, I have plenty of it