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byBullfn33, February 14, 2014
Sports Predictions
If you're looking for a component to track and score sports predictions made by your users or computer models, buy this component!

Sports Predictions is extremely powerful, flexible and easy to manage from the backend. I've been running prediction leagues on my site with many users and it works effortlessly. All you have to do is set up your teams, leagues and upcoming games, then assign the games to the appropriate league(s). Users have options to enter score prediction or margin predictions.

The standings views update instantly when result is entered in backend. Standings have almost unlimited filtering and sorting options to determine how you want your winner to be found and how you want the standings to be displayed to users simply by manipulating the URL query string.

The new primary scoring options test for accuracy over quantity which means your users don't fall way behind if they miss some games so their interest stays peaked to continue playing and not drop out. In addition, users can view personal statistical history with a chart to visualize performance by week, day and year. You will find several other goodies packed in this component.

The best part is the guys at 3D Web Design are extremely helpful and forward thinking so expect even more great additions to be included in future versions.
byBullfn33, May 2, 2012
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If you have AlphaUserPoints component you can have users buy points through PayPal but this plugin complements that by allowing users to sell their earned points back for PayPal cash. What better incentive for users to perform actions on your site than with an option to cash them in. This is the module that does it with whatever dollar value you decide a point is worth. Just make sure you have the money to send when your users request it!
byBullfn33, May 2, 2012
AlphaUserPoints profile
I originally requested this plugin on the developers site and he made it quickly and exactly as I described! Easy to install/configure and everything works well in JomSocial profiles. If you use AlphaUserPoints and JomSocial I strongly recommend you get this for your site!
byBullfn33, July 19, 2009
This extension does everything it says and makes inserting ads into articles effortless. In addition, the support is second to none. I emailed the creator a request for the next release last night and he updated the extension with my request this morning! If you are looking to insert your ad codes into articles, this is the extension you want.