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Ekonomys Portfolio
This is a great solution if you want to offer stock picks or portfolio management suggestions in your investing or stock market website. The module is ideal also for showing the stock market picks of the gurus, such as Warren Buffet and others. All you have to do is enter the number of shares of each company and it will automatically calculate the real value of the stock portfolio in real time. It's perfect for portfolio managers and for stock analysts. It is also perfect for general information investing websites that can show what the gurus are doing. Highly recommended.
byBusinessExpert, July 13, 2013
It works fine, but notice that is not a comment from, it is a Contact Us type of form.
Owner's reply

Hello. Thank you for your review.
If you read the description, the second line says: "It provides a feedback / report link in articles, that pops out a form."

No one said PopFeed is a comments form. The JED renamed this category from "Article Comments & Feedback" to "Article Comments" (if I'm not mistaken).
PopFeed, as also shown by its very name, is a Feedback form.
Thank you again.

byBusinessExpert, July 13, 2013
It is well designed and very stable, however the hidden link to the developer's website ruins it for me. Also the look of the comments is not as professional as it could be. The coding work seems great. I think they should have a payment option to remove the link, or at least mention it in their website.
Owner's reply

I have to note that JComments does not has any hidden links to developer's site - it has only one visible link and this link could be removed in the JComments' template. The JComments is released under GNU/GPL license and you can make modifications of the JComments' code and templates for your needs as you wish.

The link to the JComments site helps me to advertize the JComments and gives me additional motivation to improving the JComments. I have to remind that I am developing and support of the JComments since 2006 absolutely free.

I am very grateful to users who leaves the link, but if this link is unsuitable for your site - you could remove the link. In future version I am going to add an option to hide this link via JComments configuration.

If you have any extra questions regarding this link or if you want to make the donation to the JComments project you can contact me via email.

byBusinessExpert, November 9, 2012
JJ Fake Online User
I like that it is very easy to use and set up. Personally I would like the functionality to allow for just visitors or just members to show in the module. Thank you for this to the developer!
byBusinessExpert, January 26, 2012
AJAX Shoutbox
I am trying to uninstall the module however it does not show up under Extension Manager, Modules. It shows that the coding is third rate at least. A good idea, terrible implementation.
byBusinessExpert, March 7, 2011
Affiliate feeds
A lot of good effort has gone into developing this component, however it is not ready. The author makes good effort in English but his use of it is still confusing (he writes "two" as "to" sometimes for instance), the component's language is half English half Dutch, etc.
Also the database is not well organized, I could not find how to delete the 1,000 or so sample items that come with the installation, and quite a few other small issues.

The developer has great understanding of data feeds, however the user can find oneself in a pickle.

For all developers out there, make a Great free component, develop a reputation and you will get more paid work than you will want. Do not try to make money off free components, or get links etc. A good component will make people come look for you. A so-so one will make people avoid you.
byBusinessExpert, June 8, 2010
This is a great component, one of my favourites. I think that any serious webmaster should have it. It is especially good when you set up a new website and you wan to spread the word via the search engines, it does the job!
Thank you to the developer.
byBusinessExpert, June 8, 2010
Rapid Contact
I use this extension and it works very well. It has an antispam measure, which is very nice and easy to set up. It's "light weight" and it fills a good role as a rapid contact form.
Thank you to the developer.
byBusinessExpert, December 7, 2008
First of all to download this thing you have to register with your email to a meaningless website and confirm your email and agree to an obscure terms and conditions contract.

The component's idea is good, and I am surprised that there aren't more components like this. But the module that goes with this is HORRIBLE!

It usurpes 1/4 of your webpage with a link to this guy's website. It shows a stupid list of countries where each and every one of your visitors came from, as if any one cares. It has a HUGE space for showing some useless traffic stats to your Visitors, as if you want every one of your visiotrs to see all that data, what is the point?

As I said good idea, terrible implementation. As soon as someone else makes a similar component this will dies out in minutes!