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byByeVas, February 8, 2009
FJ Related Articles Plus
The plugin offers the best handling of related articles(I tried a lot of the free extensions). Easy to install and simple to handle.
Highly recommended because is one of the best ways to keep visitors in your site.
Thanks to the developer, keep up the good work!
byByeVas, December 14, 2008
Yes, I've tried them all. And the JCE is optimized for Joomla. I was very happy with the idea of the so popular FCK, however it was not optimized for joomla by both of the developers. This editor is made with J in mind, the developer is continuously working on the software and providing the users with a piece of art in editing!

Thank you!
byByeVas, August 18, 2008
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Global News
This is a very handy component. It does a great job, but here are some features that might be included:

1) Div cycles, prefferably chosen by the user (like the flexcontent mod)
2)Abillity ofr multiple use on one page
3)Abillity to mix introtext articles and titles

However even without these fatures GN is a great mod! Thank u guys!
Owner's reply

Hi ByeVas, we have now corrected the bug that was keeping more instances of GN for Joomla 1.0 from working simultaneously, Thank you. Feel free to join our forum anytime!

byByeVas, December 2, 2007
Easy, clean install, perfect work!