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byC0nw0nk, January 7, 2014
Fixed Vertical Search Button
I would of said excelent but considering it cost $18 and i had to pay for it aswell as the code breaks my site from being w3c transitional aswell as there demo site when you look at the page source the end tag the code of this plugin continues after that it needs fixing.
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Please contact our support

byC0nw0nk, December 17, 2013
Best Joomla Cache extension i have found to date. I run a website that is in the top 80,000 websites on the internet and my god i installed this for it and speeds shot up i highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high traffic caching resolution.
byC0nw0nk, March 22, 2013
I will only say it looks good because there website is actually down so nobody can download it... Consider uploading it to codejoomla please.
byC0nw0nk, January 29, 2013
This is a very good addition to the hikashop extension it is now a rakuten extension that fits so many needs uses and can expand a site from selling one product into multipe products from many different vendors.
byC0nw0nk, December 16, 2012
Page Analysis
I think it is a brilliant application but one thing i would love to see is storing of analyzed sites in the database and to be accessed via a url such as ".com/analyze/"
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I too had a plan to save in database but had forgotten. Very soon your suggestions will be implemented. Also it will become easy for a webmaster to check the improvement after they makes certain changes to their site.
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byC0nw0nk, December 12, 2012
Email as Username
I think the plugin is good but not sure if it supports kunena and hwdvideoshare aswell as i think the price is very high for just one plugin would be understandable if it was a component but its only a 1 php script that makes it a plugin should reconsider the pricing.
Owner's reply

Hi There & Thanks for your review. I'm not sure which support package you purchased, but we have a range of options available starting from £11.99 GBP. Also, if you are having problems with it working with a specific extension, then please get in touch either via the forum, or just respond to any of the registration / subscription emails you have received. I will gladly help you get it working to your liking.

byC0nw0nk, December 9, 2012
Email Activation
Installed the plugin enabled it and it does exactly what it says blocked users from changing there email address without confirming that there new email is valid and there real/useable email.
byC0nw0nk, August 22, 2012
remove whitespace
I like it simple efficient but other features could be nice such as excluding certain files or url's from this plugin.

Also in your download the xml file is broken you have given it a "
byC0nw0nk, May 30, 2012
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Awo Email Login
I love this plugin working with Jomsocial + Kunena no issues :) The only thing i would love to see is a option to disable usernames from being used in the login so i can login with just my email.
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Thanks for the review.

Logging in by username is a joomla core plugin. This can easily disabled by logging into the admin section and going to extensions->plugins. In the 'Select Type' dropdown, select 'authentication', and then disable 'Authentication - Joomla'.

Be very careful. Make sure you have another means of logging in enabled within authentication, otherwise you could lock yourself out. Disabling 'Authentication - Joomla' disables username for both backend and frontend.

byC0nw0nk, May 27, 2012
Content Optimizer
From what i can see it is a very good plugin but there seems to be issues with instalation and downloads from the developers site.

Looking forward to thoroughly testing it.
byC0nw0nk, June 21, 2011
I like the work and effort you have made and put into this component it is fantastic but manualy going through users one by one to add a award is allot of effort it would be terrific if you could perhaps make it a automated awards system.
byC0nw0nk, April 3, 2011
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User Killer
Downloaded and instaled instantly no problems at all.

Configuring the plugin was even easyer, But once i enabled it my site slowed down for about 30 mins due to the fact the plugin took up all my servers resources while it purged out over 11000! of my 30000+ users who had never logged thank you for this fantastic little tool solved all my problems, with un-used spare accounts on the site.
Owner's reply

You might have found that acceptable, but we don't. We have just released version 1.1.0. This version includes a limit to the number of users killed per request. If any users are killed, the next run is scheduled after a short interval (both parameters configurable).

This will prevent adverse server impact on the first run.

Thanks for your review!