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byCET, August 13, 2013
Virtual Domains
First off, I LOVE this extension! Unfortunately, it does not seem to be playing well with Joomla 3.1. The plugin has no parameters and the component is simply 404. I hate to rollback to Joomla 2.5 for the sake of a single extension, but this extension is so important that I'm going to have to.

I sincerely hope this can get worked out in the near future. I know it's non-commercial, so it's not likely, but I'm still going to keep checking back and hoping.

Owner's reply

There is no more need to define parameters in the plugin. Evreything can be configured in the component. VD is working well with Joomla 3.x too.

There has just been a temporary issue with the download site for short time. It is accessible again.

byCET, May 17, 2013
ARI Ext Menu
I found this extension to be surprising and impressive in its elegant balance of simplicity and customizability. Excellently done!
byCET, July 24, 2012
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Flexi Custom Code
I use this extension in every one of my builds, and I use it often. Flexi allows me to make my websites EXACTLY what I want them to be.
byCET, July 12, 2012
Add FullAjax
I don't remember the last time I was this impressed with a plug-in!

My only complaint is that the plugin labels are variables, which makes it very difficult to figure out what the different fields are for.

Othewise, this tool now in my standard toolbox!
byCET, July 12, 2012
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Akeeba Backup
Doing a backup with this tools is insanely easy! However, doing a restore with this tool is an annoying pain in the butt. There are other backup extensions that offer much more simple restore tools.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. For the record, the restoration process is this:
1. upload your backup archive back to the site
2. upload kickstart.php on the site
3. access
4. Click the following big buttons: Start, Run the installer, Next, Next, OK, Next, Clean Up. All of them are the only option in their respective pages except the two Next buttons (there is a Back button too on those pages – but anyone can understand which one to click).

I honestly don't think it can get easier or faster than that, especially since the aforementioned procedure allows you to restore your site on any server, not just the one you backed up from (a huge difference from most competitive solutions).

If, however, you think that you have a suggestion for improvement within the realm of a plausible feature request please feel free to use the Contact Us page to provided your feedback instead of leaving an non-constructive review. FYI, if you are about to suggest for integrated restoration, that's already part of our commercial offering and we are very upfront about it on our site, having a page which compares features between the free and commercial releases.

byCET, April 16, 2012
AJAX toggler
One of the things I love about this tool is that it actually speeds up the admin interface considerably when doing an operation like re-ordering items, publishing/unpublishing, etc.

For me, Ajax Toggler is one of my default build tools.

byCET, September 15, 2011
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IMHO, almost every decision made on the creation of this extensions was poorly thought through.

The interface of this extensions is FAR more complicated than it needs to be.

All of the options are fully open and not collapsible, which makes for a wall of text and radio buttons that is difficult to navigate.

The answers are in a completely different section of the component than the questions, meaning you have to manage them separately and connect them.

The answers are entirely separate from each other. I imagine eventually having a HUGE amount of questions to only a few questions.

Polls are non-modular, which means that the placement is left entirely to the user and the WYSIWYG editor. Most users are barely competent with using editors, and module placement is being left to them in the editor? Not only is it a poor method for placing modules, but it's extremely prone to frustrating the user (due to not being able to "place" the module with almost any precisions) but also frustrating the webmaster who will eventually have to rescue the user and manage all of the poor layouts being created.

Owner's reply

I can understand you, but you did never contact the support!
Please contact the developer and we can solve the problems.
Then you would know that I'm currently improving the backend.
I will release the new version in a few days.

It's not fair to give such a bad voting and review without asking me. Please create a new post in my forum.

Johannes Meßmer

byCET, February 24, 2010
BookMark Share
I tested this tool, because I liked the flashiness of the design. Unfortunately there are 2 problems I found that prevent me from using this tool.

1. Usability. The average user doesn't understand or like mouse gesture controls. If there was an option to use a control such as a scroll bar or forward and backward buttons, it would completely overcome the usability issue.

2. Speed. This tool is very very slow. My YSlow grade A site instantly became a grade C site. I don't allow my page loads to go over 3 seconds, and I do my best to keep it to ~1 second. The load time for this tool caused my page load time to be 10-15 seconds. Caching and JS/CSS compression made no difference in load time. Unfortunately these speeds are way outside of my professional standards, and I cannot use this tool on any of my sites.

I look forward to updates, because I honestly think this tool's beauty has promise.
Owner's reply

Thanks For the Response we'll surely make improvements in future but a kind request please visit support forum for any query or suggestion before writing review because positive review's boost us to make more good free modules

byCET, March 23, 2009
I have now added SEO Generator onto all of my SEO sites, because it does as much as I used to do with 3 different plugins. Not only that, but it does those tasks better than any one of those 3 plugins that I've now dumped.

Here's the bonus stuff:

1. The site for this extension has a list of suggested blacklist words, which saves a bunch of time looking for words like "for", "not", "they", etc.

2. The support is top notch, fast, and friendly; 3 things that are rare with free plugins. Definitely drop a donation for this awesome plugin.
byCET, August 1, 2008
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Mini FrontPage
This module is almost a great module, but unfortunately it's only a mediocre module due to bugs and a few silly programming decisions.

1. SEF breaks this module. When used on the frontpage, the Item ID will be stripped from the linking URL and all of your module positions on the linked article will disappear.

2. MFP decided several months back that the thumbnail preview will use the LAST image in an, not the first. I hacked my way around it by making a copy of the first image on the bottom of the article and commenting it out. It's a crummy way to have to do business, and I doubt my client is going to be very happy when I tell them about this ridiculous work-around. I have been trying to think of a reason why I would want the last image of an article to be the thumbnail preview, and I can't think of one. I've built dozens of sites of different types and it has always made sense to use the first image. ESPECIALLY on articles that discuss a product. I want an image of the product to be in the preview, not one of the internal mechanisms! Why this was decided or can't be managed from the back-end is beyond me.

Fortunately I've got a bunch of programmers around me that I can talk into fixing bugs, and they've fixed MFP bugs several times. They're about to get another request from me about this most recent issue. With all the issues in this extensions, I can't see myself purchasing anything from Template Plazza. A free extension full of bugs is one thing, but I have no intention of buying an extension that may be full of bugs.
byCET, February 28, 2008
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I installed this component, and added some java and HTML. It errored out with code that has been thoroughly tested and is known to work. When I went to look for support, the homepage was written entirely in Czech with no translator that I could find. Unless you speak Czech, there's basically zero support for this extension. It'll either work for you or it won't, and that's it.