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byCOMPLETE, August 15, 2011
JoomBah Jobs
Joombah is simply amazing! We were originally shopping outside the realm of Joomla for a PHP based career program. (My boss has an irrational fear of Joomla due to some less than stellar classified ad and employment extensions used in the past). Once I came across the look and feel of Joombah, it made me realize they have set a new standard for the types of extensions that should be more common for Joomla.

The install was easy. Once we were completed, we were thrilled!

Best of all, the CUSTOMER SERVICE ROCKS! In fact, I started in the forums and ended up having one-on-ones with the developers who customized a module to work around our server's limitation! I have never seen this kind of service, even with several thousand dollar maintenance contracts!!!!!!!

You cannot go wrong with this extension!!!!!!