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byCanICallYouBob, October 24, 2012
I'm a lecturer in a university, have Joomla website and courses in Moodle - so Joomdle is a "must be" extension for me.

* Great extension that does exactly what it says it does: integrates most popular CMS and most used LMS together.
* Decent documentation.
* Lot of possibilities to integrate Joomdle to other Joomla's extensions (I'm using Kunena integration myself).
* All the problems I had were related to wrong configuration, not the extension itself.
* It's FREE!

* Configuration is pretty challenging if you're not an advanced user (I'm not). You have to configure A LOT both in Moodle and Joomdle in order to get Joomdle work. But I'm not agree with jeddell that "if you do not understand what XML-RPC is /.../ unfortunately Joomdle is not the component for you". I have no clue what XML-RPC is, but Joomdle is working on my site. :) All you need is to carefully read and follow Joomdle's documentation, time and patience.
* Support in Joomdle's forum is a bit slow, but you'll eventually get one. It's a free extensions and I can understand that Antonio and Chris can't sit there 24/7.
* If you're using an older version of Moodle (1.9 and prior) you can't use many Joomdle's possibilities and you may not be able to get rid of some errors (like that "the Joomla URL is not correct in the Joomla authentication plugin in Moodle" when using multilingual Joomla mentioned in umal21's review).

Great product and thank you, Antonio and Chris, keep up the good work!
byCanICallYouBob, December 23, 2010
Well, i really can't rate nor review Ninjaboard because i failed to try it because of the mysterious and exceptional error occured (templates weren't parsed as php-files). But i would like to praise Ninjaboard's team (namely Stian) for their fast and comprehensive support - in their support forum and they even logged into my website to help me out. I was just out of luck, some problems just can't be solved (fast), Ninjaboard works and works fine for the most of it's users. So those 5 stars come for the excellent support, keep it up!