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byCandyLowd, August 20, 2012
Account Expiration Control
I have never written a review before... but this time I just HAD to!

Jake is a lifesaver! The support that I was given for this extension is amazing and it is definitely 100000% worth purchasing! Not only were my idiotic mistakes fixed but I was walked through everything with screen-sharing and he made sure that I completely understood everything before he finished. AEC/Jake went WAY above and beyond.

As for the extension...

PRO: I can't see what it DOESN'T do. There are so many ways to setup how I want my subscriptions to run and so many Micro Integrations for LOTS of other plugins like AlphaUserPoints, JomSocial, 3rd-party affiliate managers... It's a wonder that this thing can't feed my puppy when I'm not home!

CON: It doesn't feed my puppy when I'm away! HAHAHAHA! But seriously... I can't find a single thing to put on my wish-list for AEC. I'm sittng here thinking but nothing comes to mind.

One last comment... if you're looking for subscription management and you've been looking at all of the extensions here like I was, starting with the free ones and then wondering if you should spend money on one, I have a suggestion... Install a few others, see how little they do, like I did... and then get AEC. You'll be amazed!!!!