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byCarnster, September 17, 2012
ProJoom Multi Rotator
I know enough to get myself in trouble with web design and the rest of it. I am not clueless but the older I get the less I want to re-learn.

Anyway, this installed easy. Little nervous about their installer (you don't have to use it but I did) adds another menu item to my list which I am trying to clean out. (not big deal)

I installed it and my CSS was messed up a bit. I sent an email to support and thought 'maybe' I'll hear back in a week. And I went back to playing BF3. ... next respawn I look over at computer and I have a reply. (thought - auto reply about the we got your message - you'll hear from us...blah blah blah) NOPE! - it was clearly from a human and very specific request to my problem.

In about 30 minutes - All my issues were resolved (would have been sooner without my self inflicted DOH moments) - this was a SUNDAY NIGHT! So support was/is amazing.

Very pleased with support. Still playing with the extension but so far so good. and I wouldn't stop for a second if I come across another one of their extensions that I might work for me.
byCarnster, April 1, 2012
To users thinking about download this - YOU NEED THIS!!! it allow you to deal with ownership issues were sometimes some files are under a "joomla" installed owner and you can't mod the file with your FTP.

Please add .thtml (jreviews) to the list of editable files. I have to rename the file to .html - make the changes and then rename it back. It would be great to not have to do those steps.