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byCastor, March 31, 2012
Teamspeak 3 Web Viewer
The Teamspeak 3 Web Viewer module is a very decent one. In the next few lines i'd like to point out the positive and negative aspects.

+ Very easy to install and use!
+ No annoying style information, that is overwriting your template. Just the very same spacing as the teamspeak client uses. Thanks very very much for not screwing my template!
+ Generates valid code

- and that is a big minus! You can't set up template overrides for that module. The default.php just loads all the stuff from the core files. Let me use template overrides guys :S
- The "use talk icon" does not work. It's always displayed also if i deactivate that option.
- lack in options: I'd like some option to enable a "join server" button for example.

Overall in my opinion it's the best module out there for 1.6+ displaying a teamspeak server.

Thanks for that module, imho there are some aspects that have to improved though.