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byCateraf, October 23, 2012
CRMery is an incredible joomla extension which I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy to use CRM.

It has a very clear and understandable layout, and there are multiple ways to do the same function to make it easier for the user.

They're very user orientated and are extremely happy to consider your needs as a consumer, understanding that it's the user who drives the program.

There customer support? AMAZING!!! We're in a different timezone to CRM and even with a small company they're online and promptly answering my questions in the middle of the night their time. Nothing is too much trouble and it's enthusiasm all the way.

While I have yet to find anyting 'wrong' with CRM per se, there is still room for improvement with functionality but they're regularly updating and improving and are happy to customise to your specifications.

very easy to use program that even an amateur can use (and I know nothing about extensions etc).

Nothing but praise for CRMery - definitely a program worth buying if it services all your needs.