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byCav3man08, August 3, 2011
Admin Tools
Five stars all the way. This extension does a lot of the things the Joomla core should already be doing and all with the ease of a click. Helps you harden your site against exploits as well giving you the ease and simplicity of one click updates for your version of Joomla. This is a fantastic extension no Joomla install should be without. Try it; you'll love it. I did and I do. Thanks Nicholas for this. It's awesome!
byCav3man08, February 12, 2010
I tried this extension and I was like, WOW! It totally rocks. Never have I found an extension with so much user friendly, intuitive functionality built in and it looks great too. Who would believe something so well built and well thought out could be free. Unbelievable.

My only complaint is that I cannot get any help in the support forum. I even hinted that I would pay for this worthy extension if I could get some support. So far it has been three weeks since my initial contact with a forum moderator and I haven't heard a peep. But even with the technical issues I'm having with this software, it's still unbeatable in pretty much every category. Had it not been for the lack of support, I would've easily given it five stars. Hats off to the developer. Try it; you'll like it.
Owner's reply

Excuse me, but I check now private messages during January-February 2010 and did not find any posts with no response. I'm very sorry that you could not find the answer in our forum. Contact me via private messages and I will try to help you.

byCav3man08, December 30, 2009
This application is simply awesome and (can you believe it?) non-commercial. It's perfect. I needed an app which would track user I.P.s in real time and allow me to blacklist those I.P.s if necessary. JoomlaWatch does all this and a whole lot more. I have looked high and low and I can honestly tell you this is the most powerful stats and user tracking application on the planet for Joomla CMS. It's spectacular. And for that they get not only five stars, but they get my donation ta boot. Great Job Code Gravity Team! Worked right out of the box. No muss; no fuss. Just a high quality application. Cheers!
byCav3man08, December 19, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
First, let me just pay my respects to Joomla and the awesome community without which these incredible extensions would not be possible.

I just completed configuration of the latest version of this plugin 2.9. It looks great in both Firefox and IE. Also, copying and pasting the code for this extension into the page you want the map displayed on is a snap. After obtaining your API key, simply render the code supplied in your readme file as a single elegant line, and "Presto!" your map appears.

Having said that, be warned; you'll have to dicker with the settings a bit get it just right.

A couple of observations, Changing the parameters of this mambot via your backend won't override the code you pasted into your page. Also, (this is a biggy) if you're using the map to display a particular locale as opposed to just generically, you'll need exact map coordinates to make it work. Just putting the address in didn't work for me per the instructions and I wasted a lot of time screwing around with it.

If you're unsure where to find the coordinates of your destination, simply do a google search for map coordinates and pick the coordinate site of your choice to do the job. After that, it's just a matter of transferring the Latitude and Longitude into your "lat" and "lon" fields in your mambot parameters for the plugin.

ENJOY! This extension ROCKS!