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byCean, August 21, 2010
JS Jobs
I took over a website from another developer and it had this component installed. It looks promising at first but when testing it in the real world it failed miserably. Straight out of the box it has many MANY issues. You can't EVER delete posted items and will be stuck with them forever unless you want to drop tables from your mysql database manually. (Huh?) It will give you a "was not deleted" message and there is no apparent fix for this.

First time Job Seekers trying to use the site will constantly get "You are unable to view this page!" error messages because the component fails to register them as a "Job Seeker" unless they click on EMPLOYER control panel first! HUH?

I'm sorry but this component is half baked, unfinished, incomplete, untested, buggy... should I continue? ALSO, support is non existent and saying that this is a "free" is not true. It's a COMMERCIAL COMPONENT. The forum is also littered with unanswered posts so don't even bother posting there to ask for help. I tried to contact the developer directly with no response.

I'm sorry, but unless you are a hardcore php coder and feel like re-coding an entire component then STEER CLEAR OF THIS MESS and try something else.