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byCeeGee45, May 15, 2012
R Antispam
I just install this product this morning after getting 4 spam posts in my Kunena Board. I went in and set up my settings and did 4 manual bans and a training. Before I could finish, I saw 4 email banners pop up saying I have 4 more spam items. I immediately went to the recent page to see what we placed on the board and nothing was there. Damn, another weak product. But, as I went to the spam page of SpamKiller, there were the new spams that were just entered! It had snatched up 4 "NEW" IPs and the spam that went with it without my help!

Great product. Delivers as promised and is very easy to setup and use.(Another Spam bites the dust as I type this).

Thanks guys! You got my biz!!!!!
byCeeGee45, December 17, 2010
One step away from perfect. Its about time someone made this mod up to Thanks!

Now, if we can tell us how to push the z-index up so that is snows in front of everything, that would be great!!!
Owner's reply

Release V1.1 introduces stacking order via parameter.
Thanks for reporting.

byCeeGee45, September 2, 2010
Captcha by Ideal
Finally a simple plug in that just pops in and works! Very little tuning or adjusting and the adjustments you do have are simple and very easy to understand. If you need Captcha on your site, this is the one to go with!

Thanks and looking forward to your next changes!
byCeeGee45, August 15, 2010
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JXTC PrimeTime
After seeing it on the owners website, I thought I would buy the extension. After installing it and watching it for a bit. It kind of lost its shine. I changed transitions and still it really just is ok. Its a good program as far as ease of use. The installation of the images is a bit different but, its still really average compared to some of the free slideshows I have seen here. Maybe if there were some 'real' difference in the transitions, this would become a great product since you have to pay for it. The little sparkles really make this child-like and not something I would use for a professional site. I would add about 10 more and have a horizontal and vertical choice too...
Owner's reply

7 Slideshow Transitions - with Sparkle Animations

There are currently 7 different transitions and if you look at the slideshow settings the Sparkle Animations can be turned on or off ;)

byCeeGee45, July 14, 2010
This one of the few must have products for any site you create! Real time data and spam help that truly works. Just clicking the spam filter dropped my issues almost 100%!

The only reason and probably the only down side to the product is the extremely slow tech support. I do understand, there is a pay version for faster support. It you dont pay, you might not see help for a pretty long time. The good thing is, that once it's working, it WORKS!
byCeeGee45, December 19, 2009
I think this is one of the few must have Apps for Joomla. Easy to use and fast when you do use it. Without this, your going to end up using a FTP program to move/copy/delete you items under Joomla.

Only issue I ran into was, if I viewed/changed an item, I could not do so again unless I refreshed the page. Then, I can do another view but, I still have to refresh after each view.