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This is a really good extension, and it's working great on my site now, but I had to drop a star because the configuration is confusing. You will definitely need to read the documentation when you set this up.

I was just looking to add comments to my General/News articles, and to do something like that you only need the component and plugin (not the module). The plugin is where you do all the configuration for the extension, but the options don't do what you'd expect....

I had all my sections within one General category, but when setting the General section and Comment category in the plugin to store all comments, yvcomment considered everything in the General section to be a comment and gave errors. So I had to create a new Comment section just for a Comment category.

Also, the options which determine whether or not comments are allowed on certain articles are phrased as "list of ... articles which may or not may contain comments". Then later on you have an option called "Exclude ... selected above". It would have made so much more sense just to have separate blacklist/whitelist fields.

Overall, this is a very good extension and once you get it configured, it works great. Comments are nicely stored as articles and the interface integrates very well with my site's styling.