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byChalkworx, May 30, 2012
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This is a fantastic extension that is good from a users point of view and a developers. Everything is laid out well in the admin area and is very easy to understand. It has all the features of virtuemart that you actually need and is incredibly easy to work with as a developer.
for all those who are asking for help and moaning about the lack of free support - why not try another developer. most developers could understand how this shop works. how much would they charge? if you arnt making enough from your joomshopping installation which is free to pay for a little help then why have a shop anyway?
get real is all i can say. you are making money so why shouldnt the developer whos free component is the thing that is making you money.
pay a developer to make a shop for you from scratch. see how much that costs. a bit more than a couple hundred dollars thats for sure.