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Charles Bandy

byCharles Bandy, December 15, 2011
EasyBlog is a full-featured component, probably more so than any other blogging component you will find. The admin interfaces are extremely clean and easy to use (even though there are a bazillion settings). There are multiple formats in the menu choice, including the ability for a user to sign in and click only on that user's blog. Another cool feature is the geolocation function. If enabled at the time of a post, you can auto detect your location or directly enter your address. And voila! A map is inserted into the post showing the location. Videos from YouTube, Vimeo and others can easily be embedded in a post. The online documentation is absolutely the best and most complete that I have seen for a Joomla! component. EasyBlog integrates with all major social networking sites. This is well-worth the $ 79 for purchase.