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byCheekyChimpanzee, June 22, 2010
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Hi! :-)

Firstly, thanks for creating this ext. and thanks for supporting so many worthy causes.

This is quite a good product. The only thing that stops me from giving it a full five stars is the lack of configuration options.

Feature Requests:
1. Have corner banner change/rotate on page load.
-- 1a. select which banners from the list you wish to add to the rotation queue.
-- 1b. have URL details set statically for both facebook and twitter, so that should these have been selected/enabled for rotation (1a) the appropriate URL will be generated on banner-load.

2. Option to manually Edit/Add/Remove causes to/from the list.
-- edit: image / name / url
-- add: allow for multiple additions
-- remove: allow for removal of causes you do not support (or have manually added incorrectly etc)

Outside of these feature requests, the current product is excellent. Well done!!