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byChetters, March 26, 2011
I tried this out and it works well. It was easy to install and get working.

The only problem I have is deciding if I need to quit using K2 so I can use this awesome app.

This app is my hope that I won't end up switching over to WP.

I really love that people can put content up on the go, and even during an event to their own site. This app allows for that.
byChetters, June 1, 2008
Flickr Suite Content
Ok I read the instructions so it installed and was setup easily. The complication isn't the plugin, it's that you need to figure out how to get the API key from flickr.

So why the support? It seems, through the work of the developers, Marcel and Jasper, that there may be some issue with Triptracker and NOT having a a flickr Pro account. I think it is currently working with with Pro accounts, but you will need to verify with them about that.

The plugin works exactly as expected with the slimbox with my free flickr account. I just wrote to them about the Triptracker issue for FYI.

Well within hours I got a response and found that they were both working on the issue for me. They have been doing it for several days now (even on the weekend!) trying to make it work for me!

They have also sent me some temporary code that got the Triptracker working for me.

With this kind of support for a free plugin, I wouldn't be worried about looking at any of their other products.

Bottom line is the plugin is easy to use, and is completely working for me today. I look forward to the next release.