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Chill Creations

byChill Creations, January 16, 2012
The best way to get beautiful image popups, right there within your editor! No extra javascript or plugins, complicated code or whatever. Just upload the image, make it smaller/a thumbnail, select JCE Mediabox, done!

Very easy!
byChill Creations, January 16, 2012
JCE is in my list of top 3 favorite extensions, and the new 2.0 version is sweet! You have so much power with this editor! It supports all important media types (direct input of youtube links, files, flash, images), has time saving features like the article template manager, and even allows you to use its built-in screenshot/popup manager.

It replaced at least 5 extensions you would otherwise need to install.

The interface is clean. It is stable, every thing is optional.

Just brilliant!
byChill Creations, April 15, 2011
What I like most about this extension (and what you don't really see in the screenshots) is that its easy to get a very simple result. I mean, you can get the big orange bar which screams "SUBSCRIBE!", but it's also very easy to just turn it into a very modest simple layout.

I have it running on my business blog, and its just a small block with a sign up (for feedburner) and two links (twitter and RSS). Works perfectly.
byChill Creations, April 15, 2011
Install, configure, go!

The extension is easy to download (from the developers site) install and configure, and you will have these icons showing on your site in minutes.

If you want to, you can also edit the layout threw CSS, everything is nicely coded, so that is also easy if you have some HTML/CSS knowledge.

Does exactly what you need it to do! Nice implementation.
byChill Creations, April 28, 2009
RSform Pro
Really simple way of creating forms. Tried another one first but this is much simpler and just immediately works right out of the box. And support is also fast (whithin 24 hours).
byChill Creations, October 13, 2008
VM Affiliate
Wow, just tries this over the weekend, and its great!

- Super fast, non technical install
- Only 3 Virtuemart files are modified - automatically!

Yo can really tell this is version 4 of VMA, its really powerful, works perfectly and is so so stable.

If you are looking for an affiliate system for Joomla! and Virtuemart, please look no further!