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byChokDenmark, February 4, 2014
Text Scroller
This is the best text scroller I've ever installed.
Simple and effective.
PLEASE make this a Joomla 3.x module as well.
Highly recommended
byChokDenmark, July 3, 2012
Pro Magic Audio Player
This player is looking great and works smooth.
ID3 tags works great.

My contact with support has been gentle and nice.
It got a good lot of features.

The manual (or lack of) is somehow messy and confusing.
This product can do a lot, but it's not clear how to make it do it.

Worst is that if ( as in my case) you need two or more players at same site (plugin), starting second player don't stop first player!
That is certanly not a "pro" player to me.
Contacted support about this several times several months ago (right after april 2012 update) but no update on this (to me) very important lack.
Another user wrote that this is the best for musicians to use - I can't join on that one.
Starting two players will leave costumers very confused.

As HTML5 is not supported either I guess I need to find another player even I like this one very much :(
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review this product.
I remember we've exchanged a few emails regarding the features and documentation provided for this product.

The "manual" is not messy at all. It contains a video guide, 7'30" long, which explains step by step how to configure and use this extension. Additionally, you can check a separate page with written details about each option, described as best as possible. Of course, there many ways you can configure and use the player, but that's what the user should take care of, or contact us for suggestions and help.

The feature you mention our player is lacking (stop player 1 if player 2 started) was NOT advertised and I believe all other players will behave the same as ours. I can't see why you consider it a minus. I wish my iPhone would render flash, but I knew it wasn't possible when I've ordered it.

All good features already implemented are a result of others' suggestions, requests, etc.

As for HTML5 support, it's being added in the next version. Please check back soon. :)