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Chris Edwards

byChris Edwards, September 10, 2010
This is an excellent extension. Many Tanaka for this.

It has made it possible for people who would not normally have been able to attach pdf files etc. to content articles to do so with ease. There is a way of doing this without the extension, but it is so convoluted that none of my site contributors ever managed it and it meant I had to do it for them.

One suggestion. The term "attachments" is normally associated with emails and is not normally used on websites. Perhaps substituting the title "Downloads" would be clearer? Perhaps it could be made an option?
byChris Edwards, February 9, 2010
Rokin Gallery
Many thanks for making this excellent component freely available. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. I have been using it on two non-profit sites for the past 6 months and it works very well. I display Picasa and Flickr galleries with no problems.