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Chris O

byChris O, August 30, 2013
Using Gnosis, it helps me to manage lists of terms, categories, definition and its usage. It also helps me to add or edit Joomla articles. It is an effective plug-in and very useful.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

byChris O, August 30, 2013
ACE X Markdown Editor
Asikart Markdown Editor helps me to edit plain-text document in Joomla i.e. title, status, language, etc. The advantageous of using Asikart Markdown Editor is that it is a FREE extension and it has more features.
byChris O, August 25, 2013
Twitter Widget Slider
Twitter Widget Slider is an excellent widget for all Twitter users. It is a jQuery-based extension that is suitable for all major platforms. By far, this Twitter widget makes me happy in gaining access to my Twitter feeds. Really amazing!
byChris O, August 25, 2013
Google Plus Widget Slider
Google Widget Slider has a good functional widget. It is very useful and easy to use. I found this extension and it worth more than I expected. It is highly recommended to all Google users.
byChris O, August 25, 2013
Magic Window
Using Magic Window, it helps me to create, edit and manage Joomla articles with the article editor, edit title, category, status, access level, front page and language. It is very useful editor tool and I found it nice.