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byChris..., January 25, 2014
Website Preloader
This works, does what it says, and is easy to setup, and is great. For the next version, I would suggest two enhancements:
1) Give the option to remove the loading display say at 95% complete, as usually the pages is ready to read/use before 100% completed.
1) Add another display option to allow the user to display one or two custom messages whilst the page is loading.
byChris..., December 2, 2013
Creative Contact Form
The new version gives you more control of over the color and design of your contact form. All good, so is the support!
byChris..., January 19, 2013
ACL Manager
ACL Manager and Sanders wiliness to respond quickly are an unbeatable lifesaving combination! In addition, I particularly like being easily able to block access to unrelated components when granting temporary Admin access to support engineers.
byChris..., September 20, 2012
This works, but if you enable this plug-in to block just the Public, and then view the results as a Super-User, you will think it is not working when it is.
byChris..., January 7, 2011
Ajax Recommend
Painless to set-up. Worth paying for. The support on this software is better than any software I have ever bought. Thank you Douglas.
byChris..., January 7, 2011
Joom Donation
Painless to set-up and use. Worth paying for. Plus the support is excellent.