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Chris Hoefliger

byChris Hoefliger, May 14, 2014
Newsscroller Self DHTML
This extension is doing exactly what I've been waiting for.
A short notice to the dev and it now is available for Joomla! 3.x together with some very nice color pickers. Well done, I say - and full mark!
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Thank you for your review!

byChris Hoefliger, May 13, 2013
B2J Calendar for K2
It's really amazing that this module comes free. The only thing you have to remember: It needs a min width of 200px.
And at the moment, it's pulling the publish date instead of the created date from the database. But thats - I am assured - being changed (as an option) in the upcoming release.
byChris Hoefliger, November 8, 2012
Normally I use other extensions for showing images, mainly because I know how to use them and I don't want to bother with this and that extension. But there was one occasion where i was asked to have a gallery within an article and I did not want to install something that was simply an overkill for what was required. So I got to know this one, and I love it. It works as specs say, and it bothers you none with things you don't need or don't want. 'S' stands for simple - true enough.
I said I used this but once in the title - I meant: I will use it again.
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Have success! Thank you for your review.

EasyCalcCheck PLUS
This should belong to every single Joomla! household - what more is there to say?

It's the proverbial Swiss Army Knife - without Swiss, Army and Knife.

But it's simply a tool that you should use to keep spammers and offenders off your site.
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Nice! Thank you very much for your review.

byChris Hoefliger, November 1, 2012
Easybook Reloaded
This Extension works as advertised, and that right of the box. Setting it up is easy, staightforward as well as well documented.
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Thank you for your review!

byChris Hoefliger, October 31, 2012
Phoca Guestbook
Whatever you try, you're prone to get spammed if you install this, whatever measures you take. Spam is made through whatever backdoors this extension may prvoide, you'll never know how it comes, but its there. I've had enogh and I'll never recommend this again - nor do I install it - a least not until I hear that it's been vastly improved.
Owner's reply

Hi Chris, before making this review without any information and without any useful goals, please see:

Every input field on your site of course needs to be protected (guestbook, forum, contact) so set the guestbook right way.

What you mean with backdoors?

As written everywhere. IF YOU OR ANYBODY ELSE KNOWS THE BACKDOORS IN Phoca Guestbook, then just let me know. I WILL BE THE FIRST WHO WILL APPRECIATE SUCH information and will fix it. But until know, everybody is speaking about "backdoors" but nobody has any idea what exactly is the backdoor.

On Phoca Forum, you can see, that most of case, the problem was not by the guestbook itself but by other parts on the server, etc.

Of course, one of the method how to add a spam to the site, is through human spamming. But there is no protection for human spamming. If you have site with input fields, you will allways get such type of spam. I get every day over 50 human spams in my forum. I will never write a review of phpBB that it is not good software :-(

Thank you for understanding.

byChris Hoefliger, October 31, 2012
QRCode Plant
I bought this, installed it and it worked. The only thing you have to remember is this:
Always use plain text - never, never copy e.g. a link out of an HTML mail, because that would insert unwanted elements (anchors and things) to the QRCode generated, therefore rendering it unusable!
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Unwanted elements are added by WYSIWYG editors.

byChris Hoefliger, July 22, 2012
I like this simple visitor counter, it's easy to set up and runs with no trial-and-error excercises. Also nice the back-end module to go with it (sepeate download). I give it full mark.
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Thank you very much!