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byChris2012, March 8, 2012
Has a wide variety of display features, can be easily integrated and customized. Choose from several stunning lightbox effects. With custom tagging, can images be displayed almost everywhere. There is also a module.
byChris2012, March 8, 2012
RSform Pro
The form is ok and offers a lot of customization features. What i really liek is how they incorporated the layout for having multilanguage forms. I was one of the first customers for their commercial version RSForme, bought 3 licenses. THhce Joomla 1.6 the old RSFORME became useless. So i bought the PRO version last november. Now i want to redownload the component but im not allowed - i have to PAY YET AGAIN! It's reasons like this why i choosen to switch to a cheaper form product. RS JOOMLA is asking for to much money.

Beside this there are a view bugs and not so perfect design parts within their extension. So when buying RS Forme Pro you buy something below perfect and you have to pay again and again and again - and each time it is not cheap. These are the reason why i can only rate this product average. Im no longer a customer @ RS Joomla!
Owner's reply

Yes, RSForm! Pro is a commercial product - we expect you to have an active subscription if you want to download it from our servers and receive support.

Regarding your "bugs" and "not so perfect designs" - we'd like to hear your suggestions, since you didn't mention anything here (I'm sure if they're actually bugs and not misconfigurations from your side, we've already solved them by now since our customers are very active regarding this area).

If you're not happy with the 6 months unlimited domains support subscription you've bought, you can always opt for the cheaper 12 months single domain subscription. I doubt any other Joomla! developer offers a better price at 19,00 EUR.

byChris2012, February 29, 2012
JoomSport Pro
I bought the Professional version a while back and was very patient with the development process from bearDev. However i strongly advise against the purchase of this software, i almost consider it a SCAM. Why? Because standard functions are still lacking.

Just have a look into the forum over there where the support is eager to tell people that everything is ok as it is, beside everyone there is complaining of problems say have with JoomSport or JoomSport Pro.

This component extension is very poorly coded and the support is not taking customers complaints seriously.