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byChrister, July 29, 2011
This plugin works so well that I want to see it added to the Joomla core for we will then get a hefty increase in security
byChrister, May 13, 2007
I've just tried this component for about half an hour but I realize that I'm going to use this component very much. The only minor mistake has the swedish translator made: the short letter for Sunday is S (Söndag), not L, but its very simple to change: just open the language file swedish.php in /com_events/language and scroll down to the group Days letters and change L to S in _CAL_LANG_SUNDAYSHORT and it's all done.

This component also works excellent with Joomla Fish.

So as a conclusion can I say that my respect for those how built the component is very high. Many thanks

Best regards