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byCitadel, October 12, 2013
JJ Social Slider
I have spent countless hours over several years trying this extension and that extension. Some are good, some not so good... but rarely is one so exceptional that I feel compelled to leave a review (either positive OR negative).

JJ Social Slider is the rare exception. It works beautifully, without requiring a lot of tweaking, it looks very clean and professional, and it is thoughtfully designed to allow for customization. It is, by far, the nicest social icon module I have tied... and I've tried A LOT!

Best of all, it is FREE and does not clutter one's site with copyright notices or links back to the developer's website (which can render an otherwise useful extension useless on a production site).

My thanks to the developers of this little gem. I recommend it highly.
byCitadel, January 16, 2013
J2XML Importer
The title says it all, and does not require a lot of additional verbiage here.

I needed a component to migrate a large number of weblinks, in several categories, from my J1.5 site to the J2.5 site I'm developing on a localhost. The directions on the developer's site were easy to follow and the process was largely self-explanatory. In less than 5 minutes, I had accomplished the task.

A big thank you to the makers of J2XML for a well-designed and very useful Joomla add-on.
Pro Magic Audio Player
I'm not in the habit of buying extensions, because it has been my experience that they rarely live up to the hype, and often there is a free extension that does the job as well or better.

There are many audio players out there, and several really good ones, like 1PixelOut, however the Nova module and plugin worked much better for my purposes. They allow me the customization options i needed, and more importantly, the ability to launch my players in a pop-up window - allowing the site's viewers to continue browsing while listening to the podcast.

But what really sets Nova apart is the customer support...
* When there was a download delay caused by PayPal, I wrote to ask what was up, and got a prompt response.
* When the plugin would not launch the pop-up from a module in J! 1.5, as I had originally intended, they located a module to enable plugins in conent.... and even modified it to work for me!
All within a few hours of contacting them.
* When the new module lacked a place to add a required module class suffix, they even walked this noob through altering the module's xml file!

I would recommend this product highly, and I would not hesitate to purchase another component from these guys in the future.
You will not find quality products AND customer support like this from most places!