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byClaudio.zucca, November 19, 2012
Easy Like and Share
I have decided to go for the plus version, so I have bought the plugin (honestly, the requested amount was not so high).
I paid with Paypal, I downloaded the .zip, extracted the file I was interested in, uploaded, set up... and now it is working on my website!
Altogether, 15 minutes.
I have just a small problem of layout, but I am going to insert a request int he forum.
I have to say that it worth the money I spent. A easy to use plugin, doing exactly what I was looking for.

Please, keep on the good job!

byClaudio.zucca, March 15, 2012
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Youtube Gallery
I have bought yesterday the PRO version of YouTube Gallery, and installed it on my 2.5.3 website.
I received an error message, and I submitted the problem on the forum. 2 hours later, I received the solution. I have applied it in 5 minutes, and everything is working perfectly!
The extension is doing its job in a wonderful way, and I am surprised about the quality of the support.
I create my first gallery - with personalization in layout and styles - in 10 minutes... what to say... keep on the good job!
You have conquered a customer.