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byClaudio65, February 21, 2014
Marco's SQL Injection
A eally useful plugin, helps a lot to prevent attacks on the DB.
Although the assistance is timely and of high quality.
For sure I would recommend it to a friend
byClaudio65, October 2, 2013
Ozio Gallery
Always in earlier versions for Joomla 1.5 Oziogallery is very functional, updated and well designed.
byClaudio65, May 29, 2013
As the name say, it is extremely flexible component, it is powerful, easy to integrate with other components, modules and plugins. The updates and implementation are frequent and has a great support.
I think the people who created it, work with passion and love for their work.
What to say more!!!!
byClaudio65, April 22, 2013
Is a very powerful and flexible component, the support is of excellent quality and very prompt.
I think is one of the best booking component I never seen.
byClaudio65, March 21, 2013
J2XML Importer
A very useful and simple application, I've export my users from Joomla 1.5 ad export to 2.5 in five minutes.
Thanks for the good application.
byClaudio65, January 25, 2013
Very useful component
Content Builder is a complete and powerful component. It have a good and immediate support . What to say more? Try it and good work.