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BT Login
I like the design of this extension. And I like, that it brings very small additional code into my website.

At first implementation on my website, I had several difficulties, because there were conflicts with the template-CSS and with the redirect URL generation.

Then I had eMail discussion with the developer of BT Login. I gave him access to my Joomla installation and FTP access.

Within some days, the developer has created the necessary changes on his code and now everything works as it should.
I suppose, there will be an update in these days and with this, I give my full recommendation this extension!

Further I send a big "thank you" to the developer, because of his strong engagement.
byClemens_1, August 9, 2012
I have installed, inserted the correct ID for the website to be watched and the URL to my PIWIK installation. Immediately it worked, as it should! Quick and easy without any handling of scripts!

I had some questions and the developer answered very fast and en detail via his forum.

I had an additional wish, that the tracking of content which is loaded via JCE-popup function into a shadowbox should also be tracked.
The developer will insert this function additionally in short time (one or few days).

I am happy with his reactions and with this plugin! My best recommendations!
Qlue ToolTip
I have installed QlueTip on a fresh Joomla 1.5 installation. Everything went smooth as described here and so I expected the same on my production website.
But there I am also using the slider plugin from Both plugins are preventing each other from working well, inspite their function call within the content is clearly different.
I think, that this is not a rare case, that plugins from different developers do interact dysfunctionally and in worst case, they will stop working each other.
byClemens_1, July 22, 2009
Core Design Login
I do use cd login, because of the superior usability I can offer to visitors: They can login now without leaving the webpage, they are just watching. The login will happen in a sort of overlay, which is created by cd login with highslide effects.
For any further activities like remind / reset / register, the Joomla default masks are there as usual.
byClemens_1, July 22, 2009
Modules Anywhere
Could it be so easy? - Yes! Installation, activation and using... it works from the scratch like it should. I like it very much and I recommend it to anyone, who wants to realize special solutions and ideas!
The support via the forum at is quick and competent. Another good reason, not to hesitate to use this plugin!