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Cloae Web Designs

byCloae Web Designs, October 9, 2010
If you want or need full control over what on your site is cahced and what isn't, then this is what you are looking for. The site I used this on went from load times between 6.85 and 10+ seconds to between 2.72 and 5.33 seconds. This site is a virtuemart site with a ton of graphics and I couldn't cache it with the stock Joomla! caching system because it was caching my shopping cart and causing all kinds of problems. After working with Vlado (he did all the work) I can now cache everything but the cart and cart module position meaning that my site screams and the cart is always correct. Honestly, this should really be the standard for Joomla!'s caching system because it allows you cache everything except what you really can't or don't want to.

Awesome job Vlado!
byCloae Web Designs, September 2, 2010
Simple File Upload
SFU is an awesome extension!
It's perfectly simple and if you find something that doesn't work just right, the developer will fix it. I personally had an issue with html email not formatting exactly right (which really doesn't matter since only you get the email anyway) but I let Anders know what was going on and he had a fix to me and loaded on his site for everyone else in less than a day. He also made a few other changes for me and had them to me in less than a few hours.
In my experience this developer is quick to respond to, and solve, issues as they come up.

All in all, the extension does exactly what the developer says.

It is a perfectly simple solution for allowing users to upload files to your site, it's free, and it's getting better with each new release.

Awesome job!