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byCombatNinja, July 1, 2011
I have never believed when any product has a perfect review, however this little jewel deserves it. I cannot imagine doing any Joomla! development, no matter how small, without access to this tool.

There are a couple of pointers that can save folks some trouble based on some issues I did encounter.

As of writing this, this component/plug-in does not work with Google Chrome. The JS that J!Dump uses to fire the pop-up is not successful in Chrome. IE8 works however, so go with that. Second, don't forget to publish the plug-in. I know, silly and it is stated in the instructions, but I gave up on the extension some weeks ago because I didn't follow those instructions. Once I worked through these environmental issues, I have found that Joomla! isn't as scary of a black box as I supposed.

Happy Coding!