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byCommodorePeter, November 5, 2009
Editor Switcher
This is neat if you are managing a number of editors across a varied authorship skill level. Some opportunities exist in that:
1) you have to be aware that besides editing the plugin configuration you must also edit each user profile that you wish to have the button.
2) an odd arrangement of additional ACL must be configured inside the plug-in. (The odd part is that this is confusing and perhaps redundant).
But on the whole this adds a great efficiency and usability boost to Joomla editing. Fantastic!
byCommodorePeter, November 4, 2009
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
While I don't want to diss a free extension this has some notable quirks. If you use it simply it is fine or if you are advanced and don't mind trouble shooting and modifying the code it too is fine but in between you may find yourself a little frustrated. For example you have to have at least one blank char/line before any of the controls. You also need to turn php error reporting off otherwise you get a string of php NOTICE errors. All manageable but not for the faint of heart.
However I will say that the support forum is good so eventually I got things figured out.
byCommodorePeter, November 29, 2007
I was trying to develop my 1.5RC3 site without using any legacy modules for document support i.e. no DOCMAN. This attachment facility is really really well done.
Only minor issues were found. When authoring a document you don't know you have this feature until you start to save the article. But once you use it you are impressed. Also it needs a small hack for the spelling of begginning (sic).
But when you use it you really get that Eureka feeling! Well done Paul.