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byComposerRyan, September 8, 2010
The medal system in version 1.5.10 does not automatically award to users as promised. For instance, I have created medals that are to be awarded automatically after 20 points. They do not award UNLESS I go into the backend and actually go into edit a medal / award (doesn't matter which one) and THEN hit save. Then, it will somehow award all of the users that need that award.

Why is this? It is not working properly obviously because I shouldn't have to press "SAVE" on medals every time to get them awarded to the proper users.

These are the components that I am using with AUP:
AlphaUserPoints: 1.5.10
Joomla: 1.5.14
JomSocial: 1.8.8
Kunena: 1.5.12

I have not edited any of the core AUP files and have tested it out on multiple Joomla installations to produce the same frustrating result: medals do not automatically award.

This is an amazing component, but I have not received any support or help on this from the support team at the official AUP site. Again, I understand this is free but there is no fix in sight for this MAJOR flaw in the core part of the component.
Owner's reply


Thanks for this report bug. The new lates version 1.5.11 fixe this bug. Try it !