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Cool J

byCool J, February 14, 2013
This is perfect tool as a Task/Project manager. It provides all the necessary tools for this job.

+Easy to use
+No limitation on creating tasks
+Tasks can be easily assigned to different users
+Users can be easily added

-Absolutely None
byCool J, January 16, 2013
Price List
I tested "pricelist" for a site I am building for a small hotel. This component has no actual use. It just brings you a table with 3 column elements. It is the same like copying-pasting from Word or Excel or even creating a table with the default editor. Very poor style selection, at least I expected something fancy with mouseover or some other effects. Plain and useless. Sorry cannot vote more that 1 point. Also it is not free it has a backlink of the developer.


-Poor selection of styles
-Backlink of developer
Owner's reply

Cool J,

Thanks for your critical review.
We are sorry the extension is not what you are looking for.
New (dynamic) elements are already in development but not finished yet.

You can contact us with your feature-requests to make it better.


byCool J, January 13, 2013
This module is very nice, the style of your page changes entirely. There are many options for the background. You can select a nice fade effect and you can even schedule the time and date of the background to appear. There is a slight problem with the Random in Folder (I could not get it work - there was no option to select the folder). And of course its free!

+Easy to use
+Cool Fade Effect
+Works with most fixed templates (Tested on Yootheme)

-Small selection of effects
-"Random in folder option" does not work properly
-Cannot select multiple images for a rotating background effect
byCool J, January 13, 2013
This is a nifty and simple module. I really like it because it differs from general Google modules (it uses different maps and it stands out). The only thing that it is missing is that it does not had a "Module Suffix" option and I also had problems with the translation of FaLang (when you try to translate the module it messes up the screen). Besides that it worked very good so Im still giving 4 stars.
byCool J, January 13, 2013
Weather J.Clock
Nice module. Simple and useful. Looks good and it isv ery easy to setup you just use the code from your local Airport. I wish it would show more information (the next 3 day temperature/forecast for instance). But besides that it worths 5 stars.
byCool J, January 12, 2013
Really good component but needs some changes to make things work. Do not forget to set the default language to the language your articles are or you will not be able to make the translation
byCool J, January 12, 2013
KMFasTrans Lite
With the free version there are very few tools working. You have to buy the commercial version in order to make translations easy. You cannot copy-paste side by side. This option is unavailable making this component useless.
Owner's reply

KMFasTrans FREE is fully functional from version 2.3.0. Now you can copy from the source language to the target language and save the data, creating the sets of translations automatically.

byCool J, January 12, 2013
Great component!! Now I can use a blank page as a frontpage (featured). I still do not understand why Joomla has not such simple features embedded. What a pity!!
byCool J, September 15, 2012
This module does exactly what it states!! Very good! Highly recommended.
byCool J, September 15, 2012
Beautiful CK
Did not work for me well. Only enabled modules can be used; making the page load slower as it has to load the module twice. Very small variety in styling & themes. No free documentation.
Owner's reply

you are wrong, the module have not to be shown twice in the page, if only you had taken 2 minutes to go on the forum, you would have found the anwser to this question !
And it does not affect the page load, are you a developer ?
At the end, the module loads only once and shows only once in the page.
And you can add as many styles as you want by doing your own ...

byCool J, May 16, 2012
Featured YouTube Slider
It is one of the best non-commercial modules for Youtube. Although the logo Youtube Slider is visible this is a Non-commercial but adware module. Besides that it works nicely, I wish it had more options about the dimensions of the thumbnails (you can only set the height)
byCool J, April 2, 2012
Animate on hover
Works as stated! Good job!
byCool J, February 1, 2012
JB Type
Good job! Works as stated and like a charm. I used it with JCE editor to enhance my Typography of the template because the default did not work. Congratulations to the authors.
byCool J, April 4, 2011
R3D Floater
I would give a 5 stars score to this module if it worked. Previous reviewers are correct about the documentation as it is very poor. I also tryied the trick from the previous reviewers (creating section & category named float/floater) but it did not work. Still blank box floating. I hope the creator to fix this issue and make the module more user friendly.
byCool J, March 17, 2011
Very poor documentation and examples that are far from user friendly. Not for intermediate users very difficult to configure and to setup. There are no actual examples of the synthax and the ways to use this. The directions that are provided are not easy to understand. For example: Then include the image in the editor in any way you like: directly with the editor's image icon or indirectly with the {mosimage} tag. What is this {mosimage} and where you put it? Answers that are never answered in the demo site. Sorry I cannot give more than 1 star to this.
byCool J, March 17, 2011
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mavik Thumbnails
There are no documentation on how to use this plugin. The demo site is in Russian - what is the syntax of this plugin? I wonder why the developers do not mention anything on the description
Owner's reply

This plugin does not require documentation. Everything has already been described in the description: You need only insert original image to article and resize to necessary size.
And it has no syntax - it does not require insertion of a special code in the text.

FW Gallery
You did a great job. I wanted a component with voting system and this does the job excellent. I had a few problems with the configuration, trying to figure out how the resolutions settings appear but now its all set. I did not give 5 stars to this componenct because it has a flaw. Although it supports the voting system, you cannot interfere with it - neither you can delete, reset or change the votes of each picture (it would be nice to see which user has voted)
byCool J, February 15, 2011
Admiror Gallery
I would have given five stars to this component but there are some major flaws. Hope the authors to fix this.

First of all, there should be an option where you could change the "Album" default text and not by editing the code. Also there is no way you can arrange the order of the albums (!) (you can arrange the photos only). You cannot even choose a custom dimension for the thumbnail generated picture and you get different sizes on the thumbnails. Another flaw is that if the image has very large resolution and you click on it the lightbox mode messes everything up (there should be a limit or a customized dimention for the appearance of the lightbox). Last but not least, this is not totally free - it is Adware - you cannot remove the logo of the authors from the component (There is no option for removing it).
Owner's reply

We just implement Albums support, as Admiror Gallery Community requested. We planning to implement these features for Albums, just didn't found a time to implement it. Some of next releases will have all this supported.

AG is only an engine for rendering images as gallery. Any library like Slimbox, Fancybox, Lightbox can be easely implemented. We don't provide support nor maintain libraries which are not ours.

Brand "AdmirorGallery" is copyrighted, but scripts and extensions are free and open source. If someone doesn't want our signature to be shown on a page, there is a parametar for disable it.

byCool J, January 30, 2011
Login Failed Log
Great extension! I have been looking for that. The only con is that you cannot select the user or the email you want to send the report to. The reports can be send only to the super administrators and this is not configurable.
byCool J, January 21, 2011
There is no support in the website you have to pay. The plugin does not work with Joomla 1.5.21. I get this error "[sigplus] Critical error: Image folder is expected to be a relative path w.r.t. the image base folder."
Owner's reply

I must say that the statements in this review are factually wrong. At the time the review was written, the sigplus demo site was running under Joomla 1.5.21. As for support, it comes primarily in the form of very extensive documentation. For instance, the list of error messages (including the quoted message) and explanation for each is found on the page . However, you must agree that it would be quite absurd if free support were available for helping you in a project you otherwise get paid for when you could find a solution to your problem in the documentation. Even while the extension is for free, developer time is not. We are always happy to answer questions not covered by the documentation and assist in non-commercial projects as time allows.

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