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Cool J

byCool J, May 15, 2010

Before I try Kunena, I installed some others free forum components. I admit that Kunena is the best far from the others. Great layout, looks like the forums we are all used to and not just like a sloppy layout. Easy to use just install and everything works out of the box. I could even find my language (Greek) in some forums with (almost) everything translated.

If you look for a free forum component do not look any further. This is the right for you. It is very well developed.

I highly support all the free extensions but I would like to have the option to remove the "With the support of Kunena". After all if someone sees the layout he would definitely know it is Kunena made.
Akeeba Backup
Great Job guys!! Poly kalh douleia paidia!! This is far better and improved version than the previous Joomlapack. 300% Faster and easier to use!
byCool J, May 2, 2010
Virtuemart accordion menu
Really good effort for a free module. It needs some extra work, I don't really like the mouse-over default option. I think it should had an option to choose between mouse-over and click. I also noticed that it changes the order of the categories list (upside down). It would be also nice to choose the colors of the fonts of the menu.
Owner's reply

I will change some thing in next version.
Thank you for your feedback

byCool J, February 1, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
This is a great module!!! I cannot describe it, you must try it for your self and see your admin menu getting better!
byCool J, February 1, 2010
This is a great component!!! If you have used Mad4Joomla form and you like it, you will love this!! You can add more custom fields in the forms and has far more options. Also it does not have the copyright of mad4media link!!
byCool J, January 25, 2010
Very good job!! The only problems I encountered is the question mark (help info text) doesn't appear and I wish I could edit the space between the questions and the answers!
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