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byCoosCreations, June 21, 2011
jomsocial is the heart and soul of our web site. the updates are easy, support is quick and concise and the component itself is just awesome!

continued updates show that the dev team is serious about keeping this as one of the best components available for joomla! today.

we are in our second year of running this component and it just keeps getting better. can't wait to get some time to be able to help them develop it even more - we have so many more ideas for improvement! :)

we are also using JReviews and the integration between the two is fantastic.

it's not a simple component, but after a bit of time it becomes clear that to anyone with a bit of patience, you have an extremely powerful component at your disposal.

facebook connect encourages even more people to join and our search engine results are all looking good!

thanks jomsocial - you rock!
byCoosCreations, December 13, 2006
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MaQma Helpdesk
The guys at Components Lab were extremely helpful in getting our new Support Center set up correctly.

We purchased the 10-client license and launched our new site this week. We expect to upgrade to the unlimited license version in the next few weeks.

We also purchased the support option, which has included many personal communications with Components Lab's most technical advisers. They even spent a day on our site re-installing a new version for us!

It is clear that this Company is keen to establish itself as a strong player to be depended on who will continue to produce better and better systems as time goes on!

Thanks Components Lab!