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byCorine, October 31, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
Advanced Module Manager is the only extension I install in every site I work on. It has more than proven its worth to me, making it almost fun to publish your modules here and there but not everywhere.

The free version of this extension has so many possibilities that you can easily make it work in most of your cases, and if it isn't, there is always the Pro version to upgrade.

But really, the free version itself is already a big WOW and a must have. And Peter has proven to me today, to offer great support, on a free version for one of my clients as well.
byCorine, March 24, 2011
Art Timeline
very nice component and when we wanted to put a start- and end-date to the scrolling in the timeline, we were quickly helped by the developers and got it working.
byCorine, November 10, 2010
Installed it on two sites, to prevent spamming through the contact form.

One site was good to go after publishing the plugin.

Second site needed some work as it had template overrides, but just placed the code in the override contact form and set the auto add to contact form in the plugin to no and it worked like a charm as well.

I love it that you don't have to hack core files. Saves so much trouble after upgrading....
thanks for this plugin!
byCorine, September 3, 2008
RSform Pro
I purchased this component for a customer, because I struggled with FacileForms for a while and couldn't get the security image to work properly. Got fed up with that and found this component.

I wasn't looking forward to having to learn another way of creating forms, and I especially was reluctant to buy it, not because it is expensive, but I only want to spent my money on something that I will like and use succesfully.

Well. I took my chances and haven't regretted it at all.
This component is quite easy to figure out, I had my form working in no time, WITH the security image.

But what I like best about this component is: I needed something specific, and, having no experience in scripting myself, I asked for help in their support ticket system. They went through a lot of effort to get things working for me, and now I have an even better form for the situation I needed it for.

Excellent support, both by Alex as by SebyP.
I am glad I bought this one and certainly will consider this component for other customers in the future!

Corine Teeuwen