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byCorkky08, October 16, 2014
Big File Uploader
Hi Thank you so much for this extension. I tried the free version and works great. Will buy the Pro so I can get the email notifications. Looking forward to the Full version in development that will allow users to edit their files. Very cool!
byCorkky08, September 17, 2014
This extension is great! Yes it's a component and no it does not embed into articles. All you need to do is use the component to add layouts, then name your layout, then add your new page/layout via a menu item by selecting PageBuilder menu type...then select one of the named layouts you created. It's very simple and you use it just like any other Joomla component. Thanks to the Dev for this awesome extension...saves so much time especially when laying out a page with columns.
byCorkky08, April 9, 2013
We compared almost all the real estate property extensions here before we decided to buy iProperty. It really is the best there is. We're very happy with it so far and the support is amazing. I submitted a question to the forum and I kid you not, the admin replied withing 5 secs of me submitting it! Great support!!
byCorkky08, April 3, 2013
JCH Optimize
Got it working perfectly on my Staging server (at Hostgator), but when loaded to the client's server (on PairNetworks) the JavaScript is broken. Submitted a support ticket, but no answer. looks like hardly any tickets are being answered by the developer.
Shame cause it's a good extension, just needs better documentation, server requirements, and better support.
If not for that, would have rated it 5 stars.
byCorkky08, December 13, 2012
JS By Itemid
Installed it in J2.5 and it worked right out of the box. No problems what so ever, and I am running lots of other scripts. Thank you so much for this extension. It saved be so much time! :-) Great work!
byCorkky08, July 8, 2011
This is a great component. Worked perfectly right "out of the box"! It's easy to set up and configure or customize. No problems what so ever. In addition to it's simple captcha, you can now use ReCaptcha, too. Thanks for the extension, I love it!
byCorkky08, July 7, 2011
Scroller for RSMonials
This is an awesome module. Provides a nice scrolling effect of all your testimonials. You can set it up to randomly choose among all your testimonials. Other settings possible. Works flawlessly!
byCorkky08, May 20, 2011
Easy Folder Listing Pro
This extension is awesome. It saves you so much time in listing files from several directories. It also makes it very easy for clients to just uploads the files they want to list! Thanks so much for your hard work!! :-)
byCorkky08, April 4, 2011
ITPSocial Buttons
Worked perfectly for me out of the box. I installed the J1.5 plug-in.
byCorkky08, July 11, 2008
JSN ImageShow PRO
After countless hours pouring through the Joomlashine forums I can't get this slide show to work for me at all. I know it's free but it should not be this difficult to get it working. I will be trying a different extension. This one is not worth the trouble. Sorry!