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byCorsulian, May 12, 2009
My sites are such that there is a central gallery with public categories and members-only categories. And users need a simple front-end mechanism for uploads, edits, and comments.

JoomGallery has been the answer since Day #1 when it was but a release candidate. Would a fancy Java-based front-end upload screen be nice? Sure. But the extension is free. And each user has access to a nice panel with all his or her photos that he or she can add descriptions and titles to later.

And JComments fits in real nicely.
byCorsulian, May 12, 2009
I installed JEvents because it was the only thing that worked with DTRegister (and some of the neater extensions like RSEvents and RedEvents hadn't come out yet). I think it's very disappointing.

Yes, it's very robust. And more mature than some others. But the UI is antiquated at best. My users all agreed: it's ugly. And none of them could figure out how to use it very well.

And I know the devs have been spending a lot of time just bringing it up to 1.5 Native. But 1.5 is not new. Other calendar/event extensions are moving way beyond such hurdles.