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byCort, September 1, 2010
By all accounts this is a great extension - if you know how to use it. The makers of it have obviously gone to great lengths to create a valuable addition. They have given equally little thought or effort to attempt to explain how to use the extension. The documentation is a joke; clicking on the documentation on this pages goes to one exceedingly feeble webpage that looks like it was thrown together in about 30 minutes; clicking on it elsewhere goes to the strange purple shrouded documentation section elsewhere. If there's some good documentation somewhere I haven't found it. I suggested pulling out whatever good documentation you have, organizing it on a webpage whose design is somewhat synonymous with the excellence of this tool and then sit down and write or have someone write an understandable manual. Then instead of having 60 percent outstanding reviews and 40% absymal reviews you'll have a happy crowd.
Owner's reply

It's a known fact K2 is dead simple to use, even for newbiews. That is beacuse it's similar in structure to the default Joomla! article system.

Let's forget that for a sec... On you can find DOZENS of tutorials, tips and more on K2. Even if you didn't hit the "documentation" or "tutorials" buttons found across all websites, I'm sure it wasn't difficult to spot that huge banner we have on the frontpage of the left column, top, on thw K2 Community... But then again...