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byCosgrove247, May 19, 2013
B2J News Loader for K2
The beauty of this extension is that it displays the full introtext of K2 on your frontpage and not some truncated news because of limited word/char count! You can also add your own visual style to it - i love it! Thanks a lot!
byCosgrove247, May 11, 2012
Find Us On Facebook
...with an extension like this one. You download and install it and it works. Thank you!
byCosgrove247, May 3, 2012
A no-brainer basically. Download and install it - and the fun begins. Amazing.
byCosgrove247, May 2, 2012
Asynchronous Social Buttons
Sometimes it's just that easy: this plugin does not work. When activated in the backend all i got was a red arrow at the bottom of the article which pointed me towards the developers' homepage. Hmmm....
Owner's reply

And sometimes, users waste time on ratings berore trying to setup properly the plugin or before asking for support :)

byCosgrove247, December 18, 2009
Global News
Just what i needed right now - easy to install, configurate and use - it looks good on the frontpage, plus you can tell Global News which sections and categories to exclude. Also the fact that you can tell Global News how to order the news totally won me over.

For a guy like me that never tooses easy praises around Global News is excellent. Thank you very much!
byCosgrove247, October 10, 2009
Having testet a many joomla comment plugz, i am quite pleased with it. Installing is easy, it has a powerful config and it runs smooth - plus it is not ugly looking. Wish there was some CSS editing option there but "after all, you're my wonderwall."

Hats off, Gentlemen!