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byCraig.Gers, October 16, 2012
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The installation of this plugin was easy.

I have not tested the other Google document formats - only presentations.

The tool currently does not support Google presentations in it's current form.

The developer has been super helpful in providing a work around / hot fix to this problem which I hope will appear in the next release which will follow soon.

I look forward to the next release and think that this plugin has considerable promise and potential. It is not quite there but I have not found other plug-ins that do what I wanted.

I really look forward to the next release.

Thanks and keep the updates coming Petteri.

Craig Gers
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback and for pointing out some issues related to some of the Google document formats. These issues are fixed in the latest release (version 1.1.0) that is available for install and update. The following Google document formats are now supported: document, spreadsheet, presentation, form, drawing, file.

Petteri Kivimäki