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byCrais, February 14, 2012
I installed this plugin and it just didn't work. I kept getting standard Joomla red 404 pages. Further, it broke the top menu links on my webpage somehow - every link led to Page doesn't exist, which wasn't fixed by uninstalling the plugin so I had to restore my webpage from a backup (the support is claiming this can't be the extension's fault but when I restored the website to the pre-dynamic404 state, everything worked).

As far as the refund for it goes, you will need to provide access to your Joomla backend to the developers so they can try to fix this / install the extension for you and determine wheter you're eligible for a refund or not. I didn't want to do this, but I probably would have gotten a refund if I had given them access (obviously I can't be sure about this).

All in all, 2/5 because eventhough I can understand their point of view, I'm still very dissatisfied with the way things ended up.
Owner's reply

Sorry this did not work out. There were various sides to this support-issue that made us believe that Dynamic404 was not causing the problems. First of all, Dynamic404 simply is not active when you reach a normal page, it only reacts on 404-errors. So if a normal page was working before, and suddenly it no longer was, most likely something else changed. Removing Dynamic404 makes sure that no Dynamic404 functionality is present anymore. This supports our belief that this problem was actually related to something else - perhaps enabling "mod_rewrite" in the Global Configuration while not having read the instructions on the htaccess-file?

byCrais, February 10, 2012
Core Design Captcha
If I could I would give this plugin -10 rating. I installed it (joomla 2.5), it didn't work. It also broke the built-in joomla captcha. I uninstalled the plugin, the built-in captcha was still broken (not showing at all). I restored the database (luckily I had backed it up) and the built-in captcha is still broken. Just wonderful. *stressed*
Owner's reply

Captcha plugin does not affect your database or other 3d party installed extensions. Please take an advantage of our support first. Thank you.

byCrais, February 10, 2012
Does exactly what it says, takes about half a minute to set up, and it's free! Awesome!
byCrais, January 14, 2012
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It works as decribed and is pretty configurable as far as design goes...and then I ran the page where I put this module through W3C Makrup Validation Service. When I disable the module, 0 error / warnings. When I enable the module, 93 errors and 132 warnings. You really need to test your extensions before you release them